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Palm Jumeirah - artificial Island in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah - artificial Island in Dubai

The archipelago, or Palm Jumeirah Island, has been called the eighth wonder of the world. The uniqueness of the island is that it is created by human hands. Real estate in Palm Jumeirah traditionally attracts wealthy people who appreciate comfortable living conditions and high-quality services. Development on the project by Nakheel, the UAE’s leading developer, began in 2001. It uses only natural materials: natural sand from the sea, and stones. A lot of specialists – from environmentalists to builders – worked on the development of this unique project to achieve a fantastic result, even before the plans were implemented. Today, the Palm Jumeirah Island is the embodiment of luxury and remains the UAE’s premier resort.


The idea behind the creation of Palm Jumeirah

The idea for Palm Jumeirah came from Sheikh Mohammed, who had two goals: to surprise the world and to attract an additional influx of tourists to Dubai. Before construction began, the coastline of the emirate only stretched for 72 km. After the creation of the man-made archipelago, it was expanded to 1500 km. The island follows the lines of a palm tree, with a trunk and 16 branches. It is protected by a crescent-shaped breakwater, with a five-star hotel. The reliability of the building was tested by a large sandstorm and several earthquakes during its construction. The development of the island took two years, after which the developers began the construction of buildings. The first 4,500 buildings included resort hotels, shopping malls, and private villas.

Palm Jumeirah

Advantages of Palm Jumeirah


The main advantage is exclusivity. The designs are unique and aren’t replicated anywhere in the world. Each part of the archipelago has its own type of real estate: elite villas in Palm Jumeirah are located on the branches, and residential apartment complexes are being built on the trunk. They are closed and allow its residents to lead a private lifestyle and enjoy all the benefits of civilization.

The island’s main attraction is the Atlantis hotel, located on the crescent. This is not only a large, luxury tourist complex but also an entertainment hub. Here you can find:

  • A dolphinarium of 4.5 hectares, where you can interact with dolphins. There are 10 programs for this, including both swimming and photo shoots.
  • A water park with 11 water slides.
  • An underwater museum showcasing over 65,000 sea inhabitants.
  • A sea Lion observation center.

The central attractions of Dubai such as the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and dancing fountains in Downtown Dubai can easily be reached in 20 minutes.

Beaches and entertainment

The beaches in the community are endless. The Atlantis Hotel has over 700 meters of snow-white sand. The villas have access to their own private beach. Residential communities also have indoor or outdoor beaches making, beach holidays with numerous beach-themed sports remain the leading source of entertainment for the locals. You can go diving or go for a boat trip. Entertainment facilities are located on the hotel properties.


The five-star Atlantis is not the only premium hotel. The Five Palm Jumeirah and One & Only Rixos are also comfortable and have everything you need for a comfortable stay, like:

  • restaurants;
  • fitness centers;
  • swimming pools;
  • saunas;
  • beauty salons.

In addition to five-star hotels, there are also four-star hotels on the island.


There are numerous food outlets on the territories of the hotels and shopping centers. The cuisine is diverse and allows you to sample menus from different countries around the world. You can find an Italian menu in Simpli Italianus. The Great British Restaurant serves classic English cuisine. The Rouge Crestron restaurant offers its guests French cuisine. On the territory of the Atlantis tourist complex, it’s worth visiting the Street Kitchen and Bar restaurant, owned by famous chef Gordon Ramsay. There are also restaurants with buffet-style catering, coffee shops, and bars.

Shopping malls

It is home to the largest commercial mall by developer Nakheel Mall, which has more than 300 shops, a cinema with 15 halls, restaurants, and an observation deck overlooking the Persian Gulf. The Golden Mile Mall is also famous, not only for its shops and restaurants but also for its fitness center. You can also go shopping at some supermarket chain stores that are located in the residential complexes.

Fitness centers

Most residential complexes and hotels have their own fitness centers. There are many outdoor areas for sports and fitness. For yoga lovers, there is Yoga studio La View Dubai. Children can play sport at the Little Gladiators Kids Bench Press complex.

Active water sports

In the coastal areas, you can choose from any type of activity. Diving is popular, and there is also a rowing school in the community. Sports such as kayaking, and surfing are also in high demand. You can go sail on your own yacht or go on a water excursion that also offers fishing.

SPA salon and recreation

The spa in the Atlantis complex occupies two floors. It offers a full range of services with cosmetics by well-known brands. Beauty salons can also be found in most hotels. Many of them are located on the lower floors of residential complexes. These are Vanilla, Aesthetic Sense, and Loft Five Avenue. There are several parks and walking areas for outdoor activities.


The majority of the population of this elite community travels in their own cars. There are parking spaces in shopping malls and residential complexes. The island is connected to the mainland by a car tunnel and a monorail. The route passes through several stations. You can also travel around the island by tram or taxi.

Schools and kindergartens

There are several kindergartens in the community: Blossom Nursery follows the British education system, and Redwood Montessori Nursery focuses on creative personal development. The nearest schools in the neighboring community, James Wellington International School and the American School, can be reached in six minutes.

Hospitals and pharmacies

For dental care, you can contact the Joy Dental Clinic. Patients can visit Emirates Hospitals Clinics and Confidential Dubai Clinics. You can also choose any of the medical institutions in the nearest communities. There are pharmacies in shopping complexes, shops, and supermarkets.

Palm Jumeirah

All about real estate on Palm Jumeirah

New buildings and communities on Palm Jumeirah

Apartments in Palm Jumeirah in off-plan or finished complexes allow owners to see the high quality of properties in every detail. On the western part of the crescent, you can find Six Senses. Its shape is inspired by the coral reefs. The apartments located in the Royal Atlantis Resorts residential complex are also in high demand. The design of the building follows the lines of Atlantis. On the main part of the island, homeowners can find residences in the One Palm complex. These are just a few of the examples of the new buildings where you can find real estate to buy. The further away the deadline is, the higher the price and the fewer offers there are.

Types of real estate on Palm Jumeirah

On the island, you can find housing of various sizes and levels of comfort:

  • studio apartments;
  • apartments from one to six bedrooms;
  • penthouses and duplexes;
  • townhouses and villas.

The housing stock differs not only in size but also in territorial location and level of comfort. The construction is in progress, allowing for an investment with a greater profit.

Real estate rental prices

The rental price depends on the type of housing and its comfort. Below are the conditional prices that are relevant at the time of publication. Given the trend of a regular rise in Dubai’s real estate value, it is difficult to ensure complete accuracy.

You can rent housing on Palm Jumeirah:

  • a studio apartment for $16,000;
  • a 1-bedroom apartment for $28,000;
  • a 2-bedroom apartment for $33,800.

The rent for a 3 to 5 bedroom apartment varies from $43,000 to $150,000. Renting a villa can cost $57,000 for a year for a 3-bedroom house and up to $232,000 or more for a 5-bedroom house.

Real estate sales prices

Foreign real estate in this community does not belong in the budget category but purchasing real estate allows you to apply for a 3-year or 10-year visa. To qualify for this, all you need is to purchase an apartment or a house for more than $204,000 or $545,000 respectively. Apartment prices range from $220,000 to $10 million and above.

Real estate on Palm Jumeirah for investment

Elite housing attracts investors from all over the world. Given the trend towards the capitalization of value, there is no doubt there are profitable purchases to be made. Investment in the archipelago's housing stock to rent are also attractive. The annual profitability ratio varies from 3% to 7%, depending on the type of housing. 1-bedroom apartments and studio apartments are in the greatest demand – they offer large profits. English-speaking real estate specialists in Dubai will help you choose the right house as an investment, permanent residence, or for seasonal holidays.

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